Monday, March 26, 2007

Robust Porter

I adapted the recipe from 'Jamil's' recipe page

My version is:

5.8lb Muntons Extra-Light Dry Extract
2.75lb Pale Ale 2-row
1.5lb Munic 2-row
1.5lb Crystal 60l
.75lb Chocolate
.5lb Black patent

1.65oz Goldings 5.4% 60min
.75oz Goldings 0min

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Leftovers Pale Ale

3lb British Pale-Ale 2-row
.5lb Crystal 40L
.25lb Crystal 120L
.5lb Victory
.5lb Munich German

1lb Muton's Wheat DME
3lb Munton's Extra-Light DME

1.25oz Nugget 13.2% 60min
.5oz Kent Goldings 5% 30min
.5oz Kent Goldings 5% 0min

Safale US-05


Mash all grains at 150ยบ for 60min in 1.54gal
Sparge with 1.54gal (2.75 gal wort from mash)
S.G. mash 1.043 * 2.75 = 110 G.U.

Started with 5.5gal boiled 60min down to 4.5gal
topped off to 5.5 after flame-out.

Added 4lb DME at flame-out. 4 * 1.040 = 160 G.U.

160 G.U. + 11O G.U. = 270 G.U. / 5.5 = 1.049 E.O.G.

Actual O.G. 1.053

I racked to keg on 4/24/07 with a F.G. 1.014 for about 5%abv.