Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dark Ale

This is a left over batch I made this weekend (11/18/07)

8lb British 2-row
.5lb British Crystal
.5lb Crystal 60L
.25lb Crystal 120L
.5lb Victory
.5lb Aromatic
.25lb British chocolate

1oz Cascade 4.2% 60min
.5oz Cascade 30min
.5oz Cascade 5min

US-05 Dry yeast

Collected 5gal wort (topped off to 5.5gal)

5.5gal batch
O.G. 1.047 (12brix)
Eff ~ 67%
Starting Boil 7.5gal
Mash 3.25gal
Top off 1.8gal
Sparge 3.75gal
(forgot to top off after mash so sparge water was 5.5gal)
Fermenting at 62-65 deg F