Sunday, July 22, 2007

Brewby's Homebrew Calculator

I've been playing around with Visual Basic and created this little program to help with some of the math used in making home brew.

You can see it in more detail (and download it) at this page:

I'm currently working on an updated version of this that will allow you to store all your recipes as well.

Heffe Weizen - All Grain

This was my first real 'All-Grain' attempt.

I purchased a bigger mash tun cooler (48qt).

6lb Wheat Malt
6lb Pilsner

2oz Hallertau 4% (8 AAU)

Pitched harvested Weinstephaner yeast from previous batch.

O.G. 1.044

Mash Ratio: 1.25qt/lb
Mash 12lb grain in 3.75gal water at 150º for 60min
Top off with 1/2gal before draining mash
Sparge with 3gal water
5.75gal wort from mash

Ordinary Bitter

6lb British 2-Row Pale Ale
1/3lb British Crystal
1/4 Aromatic Malt
6oz Demerara Raw Cane Sugar

2oz Fuggles (60min)
1oz Kent Goldings (30min)
1/2oz Kent Goldings (Dry-Secondary)

S-04 English Ale Yeast

Mashed 6.58lb grain in 2.5gal water for 60min at 158º

O.G. 1.035
F.G. 1.007
ABV = ~3.8%

The recipe called for Rapiura sugar. I substituted Demerara but that made it a little too dry. It did mellow out after two weeks in the keg.