Sunday, April 22, 2007

Grain Mill

I picked up a Corona Grain Mill on e-bay. I got tired of doing it at the LHBS so I thought I'd do it at home.

It has a large hopper that will hold about 2lbs of grain.

I bought one of those little plastic end tables and cut a hole in it. I mounted the mill on the side of the table and put a bucket under the hole. To prevent making a mess and wasting grain I put a kitchen garbage bag in the bucket and then tied it around the mill.

It all worked out very well. It took no time at all to crush 3lb.

I put spacer washers to open up the crush and then adjust with the end screw. I tried it with it open all the way but there were quite a few whole un-crushed grains getting through. So I tightened it down little by little until I didn't see any un-crushed grains.

I took a pic of some 2-row that I crushed at the LHBS.

I took another of my crush.


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