Saturday, December 16, 2006

Phat Fired Weizenbock

I brewed a recipe out of Papazian's book tonight. 'Phat Fired Weizenbock'

I substituted the LME in his recipe for 7.5lb of DME. About 1.5lb at the beginning of the boil. 2oz spalt 3.5% boiling hops. 1oz of tettnanger 3.7% at 5min and another 1oz of the same at two minutes. Steeped 1lb Crystal and 1/4 of Carafe III and the same of British Chocolate.

I cooked my CFC in the oven for about 45min at 300º to make sure it's clean. I flushed it with Star San after that. Ran through the CFC twice to get the wort to about 70º. Closed up the fermenter and shook the crap out of it. Then I pitched the yeast starter and gave it a good stir.

I think I got through this batch with out any major problems or screw-ups. I did forget to take an O.G. reading though. I'm not worried about that, it should come out to about 1.065. The only potential problem was that while I was steeping the grains for about a min. the temp went up to about 180º. As soon as I saw it I took it off the heat and cooled it down. I don't think it was long enough that I'll have to worry about tannins.



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